ALMiG COMBI Model 15-8 Packaged 4 in 1 Rotary Screw Air Compressor – 15 kW 500L 8/10 bar 70CFM / 1982LPM

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ALMiG COMBI Model 15-8 Packaged 4 in 1 Rotary Screw Air Compressor – 15 kW 500L 8/10 bar 70CFM / 1982LPM with a compact footprint and low noise level, ALMiG COMBI 4-in-1 compressed air stations can be located directly adjacent to the worksite. The rotary screw compressor, air tank, refrigerant dryer and dual filters are integrated into a stand-alone compressed air system.

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ALMiG COMBI Model 15-8 Packaged 4 in 1 Rotary Screw Air Compressor – 15 kW 500L 8/10 bar 70CFM / 1982LPM are a highly cost-effective 4-in-1 solution: The compressed air station combines

  • a compressor,
  • compressed air receiver (with manual shut-off, and also with an automatic condensate drain as an option),
  • refrigeration dryer and
  • pre- and after-filters in one housing as standard.

The series thus fulfils the high quality requirements for compressed air for pneumatic applications specified by DIN ISO 8573-1.
Requiring the smallest possible space and emitting very low noise levels, the machines of the COMBI series can be installed exactly where the compressed air is needed, saving your company major investments in expensive pressure lines. The belt-driven systems of the COMBI series are used in applications ranging from practical trades to heavy-duty industry.
In small-scale workshops, the compressors guarantee a reliable supply of compressed air while, in industry, the COMBI products serve as an individual decentralized compressed air solution.

ALMiG COMBI 15-8 Specification
Motor Power 15 kW (20 hp)
Free Air Delivery 1.96 m³/min (1982LPM) (70 CFM)
Working Pressure 8 bar (116 psi)
Optional Pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
Tank Volume 500 Litres
Air Treatment Dryer, Pre- & Post-Filters
Noise Level 67 dB(A)
Warranty 5 Years (conditions apply)
Decades of experience and excellent performance

ALMiG is one of the leading compressed air technology system providers and has decades of experience de- livering premium products in the compressed air sector. Companies all around the world trust in our customer focused solutions, our quality, innovation and flexibility. Our advanced compressor technologies combine ex- cellence with the quietest possible running performance, optimal energy efficiency and particularly careful conservation of resources.

Ongoing development and comprehensive industry knowledge

Constant research and development form the essential foundation for the efficiency of every system manu- factured by ALMiG. Only these constant enhancements and improvements enable us to react quickly and flexibly to individual customer wishes. This attitude is complemented by a comprehensive understanding of the sector: we understand the challenges that our customers are faced with and the requirements that arise as a consequence. ALMiG offers effective solutions for a wide range of applications – from small craft workshops to medium-sized companies to big industry.

Complete service and maximum availability

The highest quality technological solutions deserve an equally high level of service. The ALMiG service pro- visions offer our customers a complete service programme: from providing comprehensive advice to ensuring availability, improving cost-effectiveness and developing energy-saving potential. As an expert partner, ALMiG offers its customers advice and support on all issues. Our goal is to contribute to your economic success with our service offerings.

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Additional information

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