Brobo PAB280PLC Fully Automatic PLC Bandsaw

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Touch screen control panel,Automatic length measuring & material feeding,Program up to 10 different lengths at once for cutting,Manual and automatic operation choices,Electronic variable blade speed control on the touch screen,Chip conveyor,Failure observation on screen,Hydraulic material clamping,Adjustable material clamping pressure,Chip cleaning mechanism,Coolant level indicator,Hydraulic oil indicator

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  • Touch screen control panel
  • Automatic length measuring & material feeding
  • Program up to 10 different lengths at once for cutting
  • Manual and automatic operation choices
  • Electronic variable blade speed control on the touch screen
  • Chip conveyor
  • Failure observation on screen
  • Hydraulic material clamping
  • Adjustable material clamping pressure
  • Chip cleaning mechanism
  • Coolant level indicator
  • Hydraulic oil indicator

Technical Details

CUTTING CAPACITY BLADE DIMENSIONS BLADE MOTOR FEEDING MOTOR HYDRAULIC PUMP MOTOR COOLING LIQUID MOTOR MAXIMUM POWER VOLTAGE CUTTING SPEED WEIGHT CHIP CONVEYOR MOTOR BLADE TENSIONING SYSTEM 280 mm 27 x 0.9 x 3670 mm 2.86 hp / 1500 rpm 0.5 hp / 1500 rpm 0.5 hp / 1500 rpm 0.16 hp / 3000 rpm 4.3 hp 415V 49-426 ft/min 870 kg 0.24 hp / 1500 rpm Hydramechanic

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Additional information

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