SMG-16D-R-GBM Double Side Bevel Cutting Machine

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SMG-16D-R-GBM Double Side Bevel Cutting Machine works well with different plate specification. It is designed to provide accurate and high-quality results in terms of weld preparations. Take advantage of our top-quality beveling machines here at Capital Machinery. Our products are built to provide easy-processing with high-speed finishing.

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$26,188.00 Excl. GST $28,806.80 Incl. GST


SMG 16D-R-GBM  This Double Side Bevel Cutting Machine is widely used in the construction industry for weld preparation. It comes with a turntable option for double side beveling. Clamp thickness 9-40mm and bevel angle range of 25-45degree, offering you a highly adjustable with high efficiency processing performance of 1.2-1.6meters per min. Maximum bevel width can be set to reach 28mm, which is ideal for heavy duty plates.

Two processing ways:

Model 1: Cutter catches the steel and leads into the machine to complete the job while processing small steel plates. Model 2: Machine will travel along the edge of steel and complete the job while processing large steel plates.


Model No. SMG-16D-R-GBM Doube Side Bevel Cutting Machine
Power Supply AC 415V 50HZ
Total Power 1500W
Motor Speed 1450r/min
Feed Speed 1.2-1.6meters/min
Clamp Thickness 9-40mm
Clamp Width >115mm
Process Length >100mm
Bevel angel 25-45 degree as customer’s requirement
Single Bevel Width 16mm
Bevel Width 0 – 28mm
Cutter Plate φ 115mm
Cutter QTY 1 PC
Worktable Height 700mm
Travel Space 800*800mm
Weight N.W 212KGS  G.W 365KGS
Weight for Turntable option SMG-12D-R N.W 315KGS  G.W 360KGS


1. Available material for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. 2. IE3 Standard motor at 1500w. 3. High efficiency can reach up to 1.2-1.6 meter /min. 4. Imported reduction gearbox for cold cutting and non-oxidation. 5. No scrap iron splash, thus more safe. 6. Max bevel width can reach up to 28mm. 7. Easy operation and turnable for double side bevel processing.

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Additional information

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