SMG-60L-GMMA Plate Beveling Machine

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SMG – 60L Plate Beveling Machine works well on a wide range of plates with a thickness of 4-100mm and bevel angle of 0-90 degree, and customized machines for the option. It is able to provide efficient and high-quality results in terms of welding bevel and joint processing. Capital Machinery offers cost-effective, low noise, top-quality beveling machines. We are committed to bring you the finest products to help you with your steel fabrication processing.

$14,514.00 Excl. GST $15,965.40 Incl. GST

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SMG-60L Auto Feeding Beveling Machine with working range of Clamp thickness 6-60mm, bevel angle 0-90 degree adjustable on metal plate edge beveling & milling for weld preparation. With advantages of high speed and high finishing surface Ra 3.2-6.3, easy processing and adjustable on a wide working range. One machine can handle most bevel requirements.

Two processing ways:

Model 1: Cutter catches the steel and leads into the machine to complete the job while processing small steel plates. Model 2: Machine will travel along the edge of steel and complete job while processing large steel plates.


Model No. SMG-60L Auto Feeding Beveling Machine
Power Supply AC 415V 50HZ
Total Power 3400W
Spindle Speed 1050r/min
Feed Speed 0-1500mm/min
Clamp Thickness 6-60mm
Clamp Width >80mm
Process Length >300mm
Bevel angel 0-90 degree adjustable
Single Bevel Width 10-20mm
Bevel Width 0-55mm
Cutter Plate 63mm
Cutter QTY 5PCS
Worktable Height 700-760mm
Travel Space 800*800mm
Weight N.W 195KGS  G.W 235KGS
Packaging Size 800*690*1140mm


1. Available for metal plate carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. 2. Can process “V”,”Y”,”U”,”J” vertical and horizontal, varies from the type of bevel joint. 3. Milling type with high precision can reach Ra 3.2-6.3 for the surface. 4. Cold cutting, energy saving and low noise, thus more safe and environmental friendly. 5. Wide working range with clamp thickness 6-60mm and bevel angle 0-90 degree adjustable. 6. Easy operation and high efficiency

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