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Busbar Punching & Processing

Busbar Punching & Processing

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  • SMG 2000XA Busbar Processing Station

    As the ultimate solution for seamless busbar processing, the versatile multi-function busbar processing station cuts, punches, and bends copper bars with ease. Perfect for professional switchboard manufacturing and maintenance workshops. Designed to be easily relocated as required, this machine has been built for efficient, low-maintenance operation.

    Capital Machinery Sales offers a wide range of products dedicated for processing rails, including top of the line busbar processing machinery. The SMG 2000XA Busbar Processing Station offers heavy cutting, punching and bending power for aluminium and copper bars.

    $8,277.00 Excl. GST $9,104.70 Incl. GST Product ID: SMG-2000XA

    SMG 2000XA Busbar Processing Station

    $8,277.00 Excl. GST $9,104.70 Incl. GST
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