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Rebar Machinery

Capital Machinery Sales is the leading supplier of top of the line rebar benders, rebar cutters, rebar combination machines and other rebar processing equipment. With over two decades in the construction and building industries, we have gained invaluable insight into the challenges and requirements of metal processing.

At Capital Machinery, we only carry trusted brands that are able to cut and bend bars into different angles and arcs, according to unique specifications. As a piece of indispensable equipment in construction projects, you want to invest in quality brands that have been tested in terms of efficiency and durability.

Aside from rebar machines, we also have a full line of rebar spare parts and accessories to choose from — from foot pedals, angle controllers and a whole lot more.

Along with the premium line of rebar machines and rebar accessories, you can also expect stellar after-sales support that we have been known to provide. Contact our technical engineers today to assist you in your purchase.

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