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Punches and Dies Shear Blades

We stock a range of ironworker tooling such as punches, dies and shear blades to suit all ranges of ironworkers / steelworking machines. We have the widest selection of premium quality punches, dies and shear blades. All of our shear blades are crafted from the highest-quality alloys using close tolerance quality control standards.

With our array of consumables to fit your specifications, you can look forward to enjoying extended machine life combined with less downtime. This means more productive and profitable production punching and shearing operation.

  • Durmazlaur Punch and Dies
  • Nitto Kohki Punch and Dies
  • Selfer Punch and Dies
  • Imac Punch and Dies
  • Alfra Punch and Dies
  • Mubea Punch and Dies
  • Peddinghaus Punch and Dies
  • Ficep Punch and Dies
  • Pels Punch and Dies

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