Tooling & Blades

Punches And Dies Consumable
Bandsaw Blades Consumable
Drill Cutters And Sets Consumable
Shear Blades Consumable
Coldsaw Blades Consumable
Pressbrake Tooling Consumable
Bevel Tooling Consumable

For all your ironworkers, you need premium quality tooling and consumables to ensure maximum efficiency and longer life. At Capital Machinery Sales, we understand the unique demands and requirements in the steelworking industry. We offer an extensive line of consumables as well as accept custom orders.

Not quite sure what you need? Our sales engineers can help identify your requirements as well as provide professional advice. The ability of companies to achieve the maximum productivity and versatility from their fabrication equipment is dictated by understanding the systems capability and matching this with the proper tooling in conjunction with productive feeds and speeds.

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