SMG 2000XA Busbar Processing Station

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Capital Machinery Sales offers a wide range of products dedicated for processing rails, including top of the line busbar processing machines. The SMG 2000XA Busbar Processing Station offers heavy cutting, punching and bending power for aluminum and copper rows.

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SMG 2000XA Busbar Processing Station
Functions Cutting, Punching and Bending
Input Voltage/Control Voltage Single Phase 50Hz, 220V
Rating Working Oil Pressure 700 kgf /cm2 (Over Pressure Safety Valve Setting Value)
Outlet Force of Busbar Cutter 20 ton
Busbar Cutting Capability Copper Bus Bar / Aluminum Bus Bar) 200 × 12 mm
Outlet Force of Puncher 35 ton
Distance Between Hole Center and Busbar Edge 110 mm
Punching Capability: Copper Busbar / Aluminum Busbar Φ6-Φ20.5, Max.Thickness:12 mm
Standard Assembled Punching Dies Φ10.5, Φ13.8, Φ17.5, Φ20.5 mm
Outlet Force of bender 20 ton
Horizontal Bending Capability 200 × 12 mm
Weight 270 kg
Dimension of Moveable Workbench 63 × 78 × 84 cm
Machine Dimension 1135 × 805 x 1335 mm

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 270 kg
Dimensions 113.5 × 80.5 × 135.5 cm


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