Rebar Stirrup Bending Machinery

  • ICARO ST16 Stirrup Bender

    If you are looking for the Best Deals for Rebar Benders, Capital Machinery Sales is the local authority in rebar machinery. We have a wide selection of High-Quality Rebar Bending Machines that are built to perform at maximum output and withstand even the most demanding applications. The ICARO ST16 Stirrup Rebar Benders is capable of producing quality output that you have come to expect from the line of Icaro rebar machinery products. It is perfect for forming applications and presents a great addition to your workshop.


    $7,618.90 Excl. GST $8,380.79 Incl. GST Product ID: ICARO-ST16

    ICARO ST16 Stirrup Bender

    $7,618.90 Excl. GST $8,380.79 Incl. GST
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