Blitzer Bandsaw Blade Tension Meter

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Calibrate bandsaw blade tension meter with ease and precision with this tension gauge that can measure in lb./in.2 and Kg./cm2. With the right bandsaw blade tension gauge, you can ensure optimal blade life as well as reduce the risk of machine damage due to over-tensioning.

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$380.00 Excl. GST $418.00 Incl. GST


Product Description

– The Blitzer Bandsaw Blade Tension Gauge will check for proper blade tension in either English or metric, and is graduated both in pounds and kilograms
– The bandsaw blade tension meter can be read directly on either band saws of any type, or power hacksaws
– It is graduated to read up to 60,000 PSI or 4,000kg per cm2 and is furnished with instructions, including suggested tensions

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