Hardcore Cold Saw Blade 400 X 3.0 X 40/50 MM M2 High Speed Steel

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  • Suitable for general purpose steel cutting.
  • Saw Blade Helpful Tip Blade Break In – The extremely sharp tooth points and edges of new blades must be broken in before applying full feed pressure to the blade. A good analogy is that of writing with a freshly sharpened wooden pencil.


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$350.00 Excl. GST $385.00 Incl. GST

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High-speed steel (HSS) circular cold saw blades are predominantly used for cutting tubes, pipes, sections and solid steel based materials. They are also used in smaller volumes to cut non-ferrous materials. Saw blades in popular sizes and tooth styles can be supplied from stock. Custom tooth pitches also available to suite your particular application. Our extensive range of customized saw blades tailored to customers’ exact requirements is available to special order.

Recommended Procedure for Cold Saw Blade

  • Maintain regular cold saw blade speed to suit the material to be cut
  • Reduce blade feed pressure or feed rate by 50% for the first 300 to 600 square centimetres of material cut
  • Gradually increase feed pressure or feed rate after break in to full pressure rate

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Additional information

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