Hydratek Hydraulic Oil AW ISO 32 /46/ 68 (20 Litre)

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  • Hydratek AW is a range of high-quality Group II mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids formulated to meet the stringent requirements of positive displacement, high pressure, high-speed hydraulic pumps.
  • Hydratek AW offers superior performance in oxidation protection, thermal stability, water tolerance and pump durability. Anti-foam, anti-oxidants and anti-wear additives have been optimized for use where machine performance is not affected by fluctuating temperatures.
  • Hydratek AW has excellent air separation characteristics which reduce foaming and its negative effects.
  • Hydratek AW is fully compatible with elastomer materials commonly used for static and dynamic seals, such as nitrile, silicone and fluorinated polymers.
  • Hydratek AW is suitable for applications in which lubricants of high oxidation stability and lubrication performance are required such as lightly loaded gears, variable speed units and bearings.
  • Hydratek AW is water white in appearance, allowing the user to dye the hydraulic oil for rapid identification of potential leaks in hoses and machinery, therefore reducing machinery downtime.
  • Hydratek AW should not be used in systems with silver or cadmium plated components.


Hydratek Hydraulic Oil Aw Iso

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