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The Smart-Tie is a fast and innovative rebar tying system

$837.14 Excl. GST $920.85 Incl. GST

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The Smart-Tie is a fast and innovative rebar tying system. It is composed of a device adaptable to any screwdriver and a wide range of clips for the most common tying combinations.  Made with aluminium and special steel.

YOUR ADVANTAGES: better quality of the rebar tying system

more than 70% faster than an expert layer tying by hand.

Versatility and Quality
the ties are twisted closer and tighter than every other system; it can make both simple snap ties or saddle ties.

it can be used with any type of drill available on the market.

it can tie form the smallest to the largest rebar diameters.

it doesn’t require repetitive rotation of the hand and wrist thus reducing the risk of carpal tunnel type injuries.

it requires little maintenance.

a practical clip case can be clipped to a belt, ideal for quick and easy insertion of the clips.


HOW IT WORKS: More reliability and tying speed.

1) To couple the equipment to the screwdriver it is necessary to:

  1. Open the screwdriver’s mandrel (M).
  2. Insert the hexagonal bar hold (N) inside the mandrel along the entire length.
  3. Tighten the mandrel.

Smart Tie How it works

2) Before using the device, check for proper installation:

  1. Turn the equipment downwards and turn the screwdriver first slowly and then at the maximum speed.
  2. Verify that the external body (C) comes out by itself.



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