10 x SMG Stainless Steel Beveling Cutter For OCE / OCP MODEL

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10 X SMG Stainless Steel Beveling Cutter For OCE / OCP Model.
If you are looking for heavy duty stainless steel bevelling cutters for your SMG machinery, we carry an extensive line to suit you specific requirements for both OCP and OCE models.

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$539.00 Excl. GST $592.90 Incl. GST


With the latest technology in bevel cutting, precise and accurate results have become supremely easier to achieve. We carry an extensive line of spare parts for SMG products, including stainless steel bevelling for OCE and OCP models. Each method has its advantages and our experienced sales team is ready to help you select the cutting option with the best quality, delivery and overall value for your application. Specification

All SMG OCE/OCP Model Stainless Steel 5 x 25 x 100mm


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