Used Kingsland Atlantic Multi 70 Iron Worker

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The Kingsland Atlantic Multi 70 is renowned for its exceptional durability, and reliable performance. This machine comes with the added assurance of a 6-month warranty. Explore the superior quality and reliability of Kingsland Ironworkers today.

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$15,000.00 Excl. GST $16,500.00 Incl. GST


Transform your workshop’s capacity and efficiency with our ‘Used Kingsland Atlantic Multi 70 Iron Worker’, your durable partner in heavy-duty metalwork. This machine isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s the heart of your operations, robustly designed to endure rigorous tasks without a hitch.

Why Choose the Kingsland Atlantic Multi 70 Iron Worker?

It’s simple – if you are seeking a machine that encapsulates strength, precision, versatility, and ease-of-use, wrapped ins a safety-conscientious design, then the Kingsland Atlantic Multi 70 Iron Worker is tailored for your needs. Get ready to accelerate your productivity with a machine that stands as a testament to excellence in metalworking.

The universal KINGSLAND MULTI machines are delivered with an extensive range of standard features:
  •  Large punch table with multi-purpose bolster
  • Removable table block for overhang channel.
  • Punch table, shear table a notch table standard equipment
  • Power inching and adjustable strokes at punch & shear end
  • Centralized pressure lubrication
  • Wide variety of applications for large hole punching: bar bending, tube notching,…
  • Miter cut flanges of angle under the shear blade
  • Work station guards standard fitment
  • Two cylinder operation
  • Overload relief on the hydraulic system
  • Interchangeable bearings, seals and valves readily available in Australia.
  •  Machines with very low maintenance
  •  Punch adaptors
  •  Swing away punch stripper unit
  • Easy change punch holder
  • One low volt halogen lamp on a movable magnetic base
  •  Fine adjustment facility to the punch stroke
  •  Measuring scales in the notch table
  • 1.0m long touch and cut ruled length stop
  • Universal die bolster
  • Heavy-duty support tables with guides at the shear station and notch station
  • Heavy-duty punch table with guides and backstop
  • Shear body blade with 4 cutting edges
  • Section arm & body blade with 1 cutting edge
  • Angle cutting arm & body blades with 4 cutting edges
  • Rectangular notch bolster blades with 4 cuttings edges
  • Service toolkit
  • Work station guards
  • Instructions, operating and maintenance manual
All Kingsland Multi Machines Include:
  • Independent Multi Cylinder Operation
  • 5 Stations – Punch,
  • Shear, Notching, Angle,
  • Round & Square Bar.
  • 10 Sets Of Punches & Dies of your choice
  • Special Non-Deform Shear Blade
Production Kit Includes
  • Touch & Cut
  • Halogen Work Light
  • Central Lubrication,
  • Fine Punch Adjustment
  • Punch Table And Back Stops

Dive into the dynamic world of precision metalwork with the Kingsland Atlantic Multi 70 Iron Worker, your next step towards optimized efficiency. Contact us to learn more about how this heritage of engineering can fortify your operations today

Model Multi 70
Rated Capacity 70 Ton
Maximum Capacity 26 x 20
Diameter x Thickness 57 x 9
Stroke Length 55
Cycle/Min (20mm Stroke) 34
Standard Throat Model 305
Deep Throat Model 625
Largest Hole ( Optional ) 160
Maximum Section 305
Working Height 1030
Flat Bar – Max Thickness 300 x 20
Flat Bar – Max Width 375 x 15
Angle Flange Trim – 45° 100 x 15
Working Height 890
Flat Bar – Max Thickness 300 x 20
Flat Bar – Max Width 375 x 15
Angle Cutting
90° Cut 130 x 13
45° Cut 70 x 10
Working Height 1130
Material Thickness 10
Width – Rectangle 45
Depth – Rectangle 90
Depth – Vee 60
Angle Flange – Max Profile 100 x 10
Working Height 890
Section Cutting
Round 45
Square 45
Channel 130 x 65
Tee 90 x 12

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1740 kg
Dimensions 175 × 86 × 197 cm



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