Kingsland Atlantic Compact 40 Iron Worker

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The Kingsland Compact is developed for production purposes with maximum efficiency.

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Kingsland Atlantic Compact 40 Iron Worker

The ATLANTIC Compact 40 range is a universal multi-purpose and compact hydraulic steelworkers developed for production purposes with maximum efficiency.

The Compact 40 is the most compact machine with 4 workstations for punching, cropping round and square bars, cutting angle iron and shearing flat bar. Large heavy-duty tables are part of the extensive range of standard equipment.

The machines are equipped with blades for cropping round and square bars, optional blades are available for cutting U-, I-, T- and many other special profiles. Angle iron can be cut on 90° and/or 45° (through both flanges, internal and external).

All blades have multiple cutting edges and can be reground. The shear is able to cut thin as well as thin material without the need for blade gap or cutting angle adjustments. Also flanges of angle profiles can be cut.

The universal Atlantic COMPACT steelworkers are delivered with an extensive range of standard equipment such as:
– Universal bolster for punching flat bar, angle iron and the flange of the channel and/or beam.
– Punching up to 38 mm in the standard execution
– Large hole attachment for punching larger diameters available.
– Low power inch mode and adjustable stroke on every station
– Extended safety features as standard equipment
– Machines with low maintenance requirements
– Single-phase execution available (option)
– Punch adaptors
– Swing away punch stripper unit
– Easy change punch holder
– Universal die bolster
– Heavy-duty support tables with guides at the shear station and punch station.
– Shear arm-blade with 4 cutting edges
– Shear body blade with 4 cutting edges
– Section arm & body blade with 1 cutting edge
– Angle cutting arm & body blades with 4 cutting edges
– 1 metre ruled length stop (compact 45 and compact 60)
– Service toolkit
– Work station guards
– Instruction, operating and maintenance manual.
– Hydraulic oil fil.

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