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  • Peerless P13 Single Phase Air Compressor Belt Drive 2.5HP Portable – 13 CFM / 240 LPM

    Impressive compact design giving 240 liters per minute of free air delivery. 2 outlets on this machine, one through the water trap filter regulator with auto drain that’s fitted and one that’s placed between the motor and the pump for direct tank pressure. Includes a Peerless cast iron slow revving pump which has one of the longest warranties on the market – 5 years it comes with “Smart Start” intake filters which assists in the protection of the electric motors against low voltage starting, this filter reduces starting AMP’s draw by up to 40%.
    $1,504.55 Excl. GST $1,655.01 Incl. GST Product ID: PEERLESS-00092-P13
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