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  • Peerless PT30 Single Phase Air Compressor Belt Drive 5.5HP Fatboy – 30 CFM / 550 LPM

    The Peerless PT30 Twin Pump Single Phase Air Compressor – 550LPM 10AMP is designed using two N75 pumps and 2.75 HP motors, coupled on a 150 litre air receiver. The pumps are designed to restart 5PSI apart and require two 10amp power lines (draws 2 x 10 amps) back to your fuse box to operate this machine. It is very important to ensure that this machine is wired in correctly as failure to do so will cause motor failure. Producing a massive 550 litres of free air per minute making this an excellent single phase machine.

    $5,454.55 Excl. GST $6,000.01 Incl. GST Product ID: PEERLESS-00093-2-PT30
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