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  • Izumi S-32CC1 Hydraulic Cutter

    Izumi S-32CC1 Hydraulic Cutter The heavy-duty head design cuts up to 25mmOD, steel materials up to 19mmOD and features easily replaceable blades.

    $2,858.00 Excl. GST $3,143.80 Incl. GST Product ID: IZU-02

    Izumi S-32CC1 Hydraulic Cutter

    $2,858.00 Excl. GST $3,143.80 Incl. GST
  • Izumi S-240CC Hydraulic Cutter

    Izumi S-240CC Hydraulic Cutter

    The Izumi S-240 Hand Hydraulic Cutter is a lightweight, portable hydraulic cutter. The S-240 can cut steel materials as well as cables up to 24mm OD and features two-stage pumping for rapid blade advance.

    Product ID: IZU-01
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