Atlantic Leiming Fibre Laser LMN3015HS-1500W

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The Atlantic Leiming Fibre Laser LMN3015HS-1500W metal tube laser cutting machine can cut both metal sheet and metal tube,with full cover. This machine can cut material with maximum metal thickness of 1500W.

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Atlantic – Leiming Fibre Laser Machine LMN3015HS 1500w – No Exchange Table
Model LMN3015 HS
Laser Type Fiber Laser IPG
Laser Power 1500 W
Stroke of X-Axis 3000mm
Stroke of Y-Axis 1500mm
Stroke of Z-Axis 220mm
Maximum Idle Running Speed 130 m/min
Position Accuracy 0.02mm/m
Repeated Position Accuracy ±0.02mm/m
Position Type Red dot
Working Voltage 400V/50Hz

Machine Dimension 5000*3265*2500 mm
Gross weight 8000 kg

If you have room constraints then this machine will fit in nicely has side opening doors for loading/unloading of material (no exchange table)

Cutting Parameters
Material Max cutting thickness 1500W
Mild steel 12 mm
Stainless Steel 6 mm
Aluminum Alloy 3 mm
Brass 2 mm

Accessories included
Control Software Cypcut Most popular control system
Nesting software Integrated with Cypcut
IPC High stability industry PC
Exhaust Blower Standard Configuration (not fume-dust this is optional at moreprice)
Voltage Regulator Standard Configuration
Inner Camera Standard Configuration
Automatic lubrication system Standard Configuration
Collect Trolley Standard Configuration
Remote Control Standard Configuration

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