Bomar Transverse Construction 1150.600 DGS Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

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The Bomar Construction 1150.600 DGS is a semi-automatic twin column double mite cutting bandsaw. The miter angle is adjustable from 60°L to 60°R. The Construction 1150.600 DGS is equipped with hydraulic full stroke vice clamping, vertical hold-down unit with a user friendly operators control panel.


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  • Double Mitre Left / Right 60°45° 90°-45°-60°
  • Hydraulic full stroke vice clamping
  • Saw frame mounted on precision linear slideways
  • Electronic incremental adjustable blade speed control
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic feed rate and cutting pressure
  • Automatic cutting force regulation to reduce blade deflection
  • Carbide blade guides
  • Powerful 5.5kW main drive motor
  • User friendly operators controller
  • Remote operators controller

Technical Datasheet

Cutting Capacity

Cutting Capacity Transverse 1150.600 Dgs

Material laying height


Saw band dimension


Driving power

5,5 kW

Cutting speed

15-90 m/min.

Machine dimensions Width

Length Height

4400mm 1800mm 2600mm


5500 kg

Technical Description

Machine base
Torsion-resistant welded construction with integrated coolant reservoir and removable chip tray.

Saw frame
The saw blade bow has been especially manufactured at a horizontal angle of 6° to reduce the cutting surface area of the workpiece, the angled saw frame design is critical for cutting large structural sections and steel packs greatly increasing blade life and reducing cutting times significantly.

Twin Column and saw frame guides
The saw frame is mounted on two large rigid columns using pre-stressed linear slideways.The columns and base are connected through the centre pivot point, creating the integrity of the saw frame.
The raise height of the saw frame can be adjusted electronically directly from the control panel.

Pivoting console and clamping
The pivoting console is connected with the machines base using a hardened pivot shaft and large precision bearings. the mitre angle position can be located to an accuracy of 0.1° the pivot base can then be clamped using a hydraulic braking assembly eliminating movement and ensuring consistent accurate mitre cutting angles.

Clamping Vice
The vice is equipped with a full stroke hydraulic cylinder and adjustable vice pressure regulation allowing the operator to regulate the clamping force to suit various thicknesses of material.Vice jaws and slide ways have been induction hardened to reduce ware.

Vertical hold-down unit
The saw is equipped with a vertical hydraulic full stroke hold-down cylinder, the horizontal clamping position of this unit can be adjusted to suit the material type and width

Saw band tensioning
The saw band is tensioned using a hydraulic cylinder, The clamping pressure of the blade is predefined to a optimal operational tension to increase accuracy and blade life of the saw band. When the machine stops, the band pressure is reduced to minimise blade fatigue.

Saw band guiding
The blade guide blocks are fitted with laminated carbide blade guides keeping the blade consistently parallel, lubrication ports supply coolant to the carbide guides reducing friction and ware of the blade and guiding assembly.

Saw band drive
The saw band wheel is driven by an electronic variable speed controller allowing adjustable blade band speeds of 15 – 90 m/min. The saw band motion is monitored electronically and will shut down if the blade is jammed or broken.

Feeding of the saw band and cutting pressure regulation
The saw band feed rate descends via a hydraulic cylinder which can be adjusted from the operators control panel. The cutting pressure / force is controlled by an automatic cutting pressure regulator, the sensitivity of the cutting pressure is control by the upwards resistance of the blade during the cutting cycle depending on the martial harness width or section type, the cutting pressure may also be adjusted manually if required.

All control elements are situated on a movable control panel. The control is user friendly and easy to understand, offering a comprehensible text display and dialog system for easy and rapid access of new users.

Possible Options for Automation

  • The band saw Construction 1150.600 DGS can be extended with a broad number of options.
  • Powered roller conveyors together with NC measuring units and stops provide for semi-automated cutting off lengths of sort or longer workpieces pieces such as structural steel beams.
  • Together with the feeding system, the machine can be adapted for requirements of the customer as a fully automated solution with long feed lengths.
  • Connecting drilling units in frontal or rear downstream position, almost automatic drilling and sawing device can be obtained.

Description of Optional Accessories

Mist Coolant “Microniser”
The micro-spray device sprays an exact quality of lubrication oil mist onto the backside of the band for more constant lubrication increasing blade life and reducing material and workshop contamination from water soluble oils.
The misting nozzle is mounted directly on the bandsaw band guiding arm for minimal consumption of the blade lubrication oil.

Laser Line Generator 
The Laser Line generator is mounted directly on the saw over the blade allowing for easy set up of the workpiece cutting position. This complies with CE safety regulations.

Halogen workspace lighting
Bright, cold source of light for illumination of the workplace of the band saw easily adjustable in the required work area.

Wash down pistol with hose
The cooling emulsion is led from the machines coolant pump to the pistol wash down gun, The pressure is sufficient to clean up the cutting swarf and impurities from the machine bed and components.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 5500 kg
Dimensions 1800 × 4400 × 2600 cm
Cutting Capacity



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