Brobo TNF400 UP CUT Aluminium Saw

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Brobo TNF400 Up Stroking Aluminium Saw Double Mitre with Vertical pneumatic clamping system. Quality European design and construction for production cutting

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Brobo Up Stroke Aluminum Saw

  • Mitering 60° left, straight 90° and 60° right with rapid adjustment bumpers
  • Adjustable cutting speed
  • Vertical pneumatic clamping
  • Fully enclosed lid/guard with protective power supply shut down
  • Power source protects against abrupt changes in voltage
  • Saw exit speed regulator brings down speed in aluminium cutting, thus enables decreasing engine load
  • Ø400mm TCT Blade
  • Two feed roller conveyors (3m long each)
  • 3m Adjustable length stop


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