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Capital Machinery offers premium quality round punch and dies in Australia. For many years we have been supplying Ironworker tooling, all designed to deliver precise results and longer work life.
We carry brands such as Kingsland, Geka, Sunrise, Durma, Holemaker and more. most punch and dies are ready to ship. We also manufacture custom punch and dies to your specifications.

  • Standard and custom sizes and shapes available, we can supply almost ant size or shape.
  • Manufactured from quality tool steels and then heat-treated for superior durability.

Round Punch and Die for use with Holemaker Pro 60 HP and Pro 110 HP Hydraulic Punches
Holemaker Punch and dies

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  • Size: 7mm; Punch Part No. HPRP07; Die Part No. HPRD07
  • Size: 8mm; Punch Part No. HPRP08; Die Part No. HPRD08
  • Size: 9mm; Punch Part No. HPRP09; Die Part No. HPRD09
  • Size: 10mm; Punch Part No. HPRP10; Die Part No. HPRD10
  • Size: 11mm; Punch Part No. HPRP11; Die Part No. HPRD11
  • Size: 12mm; Punch Part No. HPRP12; Die Part No. HPRD12
  • Size: 13mm; Punch Part No. HPRP13; Die Part No. HPRD13
  • Size: 14mm; Punch Part No. HPRP14; Die Part No. HPRD14
  • Size: 15mm; Punch Part No. HPRP15; Die Part No. HPRD15
  • Size: 16mm; Punch Part No. HPRP16; Die Part No. HPRD16
  • Size: 17mm; Punch Part No. HPRP17; Die Part No. HPRD17
  • Size: 18mm; Punch Part No. HPRP18; Die Part No. HPRD18
  • Size: 19mm; Punch Part No. HPRP19; Die Part No. HPRD19
  • Size: 20mm; Punch Part No. HPRP20; Die Part No. HPRD20
  • Size: 21mm; Punch Part No. HPRP21; Die Part No. HPRD21
  • Size: 22mm; Punch Part No. HPRP22; Die Part No. HPRD22
  • Size: 23mm; Punch Part No. HPRP23; Die Part No. HPRD23
  • Size: 24mm; Punch Part No. HPRP24; Die Part No. HPRD24
  • Size: 25mm; Punch Part No. HPRP25; Die Part No. HPRD25
  • Size: 26mm; Punch Part No. HPRP26; Die Part No. HPRD26
  • Size: 27mm; Punch Part No. HPRP27; Die Part No. HPRD27

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Additional information

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