5″ Inclined Round Die

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If you are looking for Sunrise punch for pre-1999 models, you came to the right place. Capital Machinery has been supplying Australia with the top-quality Ironworking tools for over 16 years. We carry well-known international brands such as Sunrise, Kingsland, and Geka on our products.
If we do not carry standard tooling for your machine, we will gladly manufacture any custom punch and die tooling to your specifications. Please contact us to provide your unique requirements.

5? Inclined Round Die for use with Holemaker Pro 60 HP and Pro 110 HP

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  • Size: 9mm; Die Part No. HPRD09A
  • Size: 10mm; Die Part No. HPRD10A
  • Size: 11mm; Die Part No. HPRD11A
  • Size: 12mm; Die Part No. HPRD12A
  • Size: 13mm; Die Part No. HPRD13A
  • Size: 14mm; Die Part No. HPRD14A
  • Size: 15mm; Die Part No. HPRD15A
  • Size: 16mm; Die Part No. HPRD16A
  • Size: 17mm; Die Part No. HPRD17A
  • Size: 18mm; Die Part No. HPRD18A
  • Size: 19mm; Die Part No. HPRD19A
  • Size: 20mm; Die Part No. HPRD20A
  • Size: 21mm; Die Part No. HPRD21A
  • Size: 22mm; Die Part No. HPRD22A
  • Size: 23mm; Die Part No. HPRD23A
  • Size: 24mm; Die Part No. HPRD24A
  • Size: 25mm; Die Part No. HPRD25A
  • Size: 26mm; Die Part No. HPRD26A
  • Size: 27mm; Die Part No. HPRD27A

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Additional information

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