Kingsland UK Multi 80 Iron Worker

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Kingsland Multi Series Machines are known worldwide for its well-engineered Ironworkers. These ironworkers are able to perform difficult steel and metal applications with precision. The Kingsland Multi 80 Iron Worker is equipped with advanced systems such as Centralised pressure lubrication for easy maintenance, power inching and adjustable strokes at punch & shear end, an overload relief on the hydraulic system and more.

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$34,000.00 Excl. GST $37,400.00 Incl. GST


These universal machines are supplied with standard tooling including repetition support tables at punch, shear and notch stations and with easily adjusted holddowns at all five work stations to safely control the operations. Comprehensive safety guards are fitted as standard on all work stations.

Free standing on a suitable floor, they just require electrical connection to be ready for work. For two operator utilisation, the hydraulic system is activated by two shielded foot controls, one operating the punch end cylinder, the other operating the shear end cylinder. The shear cylinder provides the power to the three shearing and the notch stations.

The system gives accurate power inching at all five work stations and allows the machine to e stopped at any position giving safe and accurate tool setting and work positioning. Limit switches at both ends of the machine control stroke length at all stations.

Centralised lubrication is metered by one-shot system, being only one feature of the low maintenance requirement.

An optional ‘Production Pack’ is available to enhance the machine specification, this includes: 1 low volt halogen lamp on a movable magnetic base, 1.0m long touch and cut ruled length stop, fine adjustment facility to the punch stroke and measuring scales in the notch table.


  • Large punch table with multi-purpose bolster – removable table block for overhang channel /joist flange punching.
  • Punch table, shear table an notch table standard equipment
  • Non-tiltable and as thus wear-free-angle-cutting blades
  • Power inching and adjustable strokes at punch & shear end
  • Centralised pressure lubrication
  • Wide variety of applications – for large hole punching, crimping, tube notching, bar bending, sheet bending, punch press applications …
  • Large throat depth at the punching station –extra deep throat models available
  • Mitre cut flanges of angle under shear blade
  • Alternative rectangular / vee notching facility
  • Work station guards standard fitment
  • Two cylinder operation
  • Overload relief on hydraulic system
  • Interchangeable bearings, seals and valves readily available from stockists of hydraulic equipment.
  • Machines with very low maintenance



Punch and Die

d 22

Section blades – round

16, 25, 45

Section blades – square

20, 45

  • Punch adaptors
  • Swing away punch stripper unit
  • Easy change punch holder
  • Universal die bolster
  • Heavy-duty support tables with guides at shear station and notch station
  • Heavy-duty punch table with guides and backstop
  • Curved shear arm blade with 2 (optional:4) cutting edges
  • Shear body blade with 4 cutting edges
  • Section arm & body blade with 1 cutting edge
  • Angle cutting arm & body blades with 4 cutting edges
  • Rectangular notch bolster blades with 4 cuttings edges
  • Service toolkit
  • Work station guards
  • Instruction, operating and maintenance manual
  • Hydraulic oil fill

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Additional information

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