MultiBlast Sandblasting Room/Booth Pneumatic and Mechanical Recovery Systems

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MultiBlast are Abrasive/Sand Blasting Equipment Expert and install a Sandblast or Abrasive Grit Blast Room to suit you exact requirements. Whether its a Pneumatic Recovery System or Mechanical System, a variety of configurations for all types of cleaning, peening and finishing operations are available.

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Mechanical Recovery Systems

These combination units are specifically designed for Abrasive Blasting Media / Sand Blasting Media reclaiming and recycling. Media is collected at the base of the Bucket Elevator through an inlet hopper or in an under-floor Screw Conveyor. The Bucket Elevator lifts the abrasive and contaminants to a Screen where large contaminants are removed and onto an air wash for the removal of fines and dust. The Air Wash Separator is adjustable to suit all media from Steel Shot to Garnet Sand. Connected to the Air Wash is a Dust Collector. The ventilation airflow is used to pull the fine dust from the curtain of abrasive as it falls under gravity through the Air Wash. Dust is collected, reverse pulsed cleaned from the cartridges and deposited in the Dust Collector Drum. Cleaned recycled Media is then stored in the Media Storage Hopper ready for recharging to the Blast Vessel.

Screw Conveyors

High feed rate helical screw conveyors are available in various lengths and housed in troughs to suit room layouts.

Abrasive Elevator

Multiply rubber belt and steel bucket type elevators are designed and selected to deliver the required recovery rates and heights to cater for additional equipment. All driven via electric or air motors and reduction gear boxes. The elevators are fitted with a removable inspection hatches.

Air Wash Separator

A range of separators designed for all commonly used abrasives and quantities, provide adjustable accurate separation of dust and media.

Trash Screens

As media debris can be excessive and as the primary screen is designed to prevent large debris only, a range of screens can be fitted to the airwash, including static, vibrating and rotary screens.

Storage Hoppers

Purpose built storage hoppers to store reclaimed abrasive ready for loading into the blast pots will provide longer periods of blasting between cleanups. The storage hopper is fitted between the airwash and the blast hoppers.

Dust Collectors

To ventilate the airwash a reliable dust collector capable of the specified duty is required. We recommend Dustech Reverse Pulse Cartridge Dust Collectors for this application.

Blasting Vessels

Multiblast supply a complete range of Blast pots to suit our clients needs as required.

Key Benefits of Mechanical Recovery SandBlasting Room Systems:
  • Australian Made
  • Built to suit your exact requirements.
  • Portable or Fixed units.
  • High Abrasive Feed Rates can be achieved.
  • Built to suit all types of Abrasive Blasting Media / Sand Blasting Media including Steel Grit, Steel Shot, Chilled Iron Grit, Garnet, Glass Bead, Aluminium Oxide, Ceramic and Plastic.
  • Fully adjustable Air-Wash removes the Dust and Contaminants from the spent Abrasive Blasting Media / Sand Blasting Media returning only good, clean Abrasive to the Storage Hopper.
  • A wide variety of options including Scalping Drums, High Volume Storage Hoppers etc. are available.
  • Low Power Consumption Recovery Components.


Pneumatic Recovery Systems

MultiBlast offer a wide range of Abrasive Blasting / Sand Blasting Rooms in a variety of configurations for all types of cleaning, peening and finishing operations. Abrasive Blast /Sand Blasting cleaning must be seen as a carefully fashioned part of the overall process and so we strive to give each of our products a distinctive, precise balance in engineering design.

The Abrasive Reclaimer is a fully welded steel fabrication which is free standing on its own support structure. This unit performs three basic fuctions: Abrasive Reclaimer: Where all reclaimed product is conveyed to for the continuous reclaiming, air washing and screening of the Abrasive Blasting Media / Sand Blasting Media. Storage Hopper: Located under the air wash reclaimer, all clean and screened Abrasive Blasting Media / Sand Blasting Media is collected for blasting. Dust Collector: Airborne dust is conveyed and trapped in the cartridge type filters. These filters are then cleaned by using a reverse pulse compressed air system.

The MultiBlast “W” Module Section Floor offers a unique means of Abrasive Recovery. In conjunction with the Abrasive Reclaimer, a most efficient ventilation system is provided. This has quite a few outstanding advantages. A simplified design combining Down Draught Ventilation and Pneumatic Conveying in the same Air Movement. Only One moving part, the Fan, eliminating the need for many mechanical parts in the conveying of the media and dust, dramatically reducing costly maintenance, breakdowns and parts. The Pneumatic Conveying system in conjunction with the abrasive reclaimer, Air Washes the abrasive media before re-blasting occurs ensuring exclusion of dust and foreign matter from the Abrasive Blasting Media / Sand Blasting Media during the blasting cycle.

Key Benefits of Pneumatic Recovery SandBlasting Room Systems:
  • A simplified design combining Down Draught Ventilation and Pneumatic Conveying in the same movement
  • No mechanical moving parts means less costly maintenance and breakdowns
  • Fully adjustable Air Wash reclaimers remove the dust and contaminants from the spent Abrasive returning only good, clean Abrasive to the storage hopper.
  • Clear visibility for the operator’s comfort and effectiveness in sighting the sand blast target.
  • The triangulated construction of the Floor Module makes it extremely strong. Allowing trolley tracks and bogies to operate directly on top of the Floor Modules
  • All types of Abrasive Blasting Media / Sand Blasting Media can be used including Chilled Iron, Steel Shot and Grit, Garnet, Glass Bead, Aluminium Oxide and Granulated Urea Plastic.

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