SMG 2M CNC Machine for Plate Beveling and Milling

$150,862.00 Excl. GST $165,948.20 Incl. GST

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The SMG 2M CNC Machine for Plate Beveling and Milling is designed to perform at high-efficiency and precise performance in beveling and milling work process. It has a working range of clamp thickness 6-80mm, Bevel angle of 0-80 degree. Bevel width could reach 100mm. Capital Machinery is dedicated to provide top-quality products in plate and beveling industry. We offer a wide variety of products able to perform at its best.

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$150,862.00 Excl. GST $165,948.20 Incl. GST


The SMG 2M is a CNC type machine designed for plate beveling and milling process. This is a standard machine with working range of clamp thickness of 6-80mm, bevel angle of 0-80 degree. Bevel width can be set to100mm.


This machine offers manual and semi-automatic operation and features CNC control, high speed operation of approximately 2 meters/min. It’s spindle stroke is capable of beveling angle, bevel width, and related parameters can be customised to suit specific requirements.

SMG 2M CNC Machine Parts

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SMG 2M CNC Machine Diagram

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Model No. SMG-2M
Power Supply AC 380V 50HZ
Total Power 10000W
Spindle Speed 750-1400r/min
Feed Speed 0-2000mm/min
Clamp Thickness 6-80mm
Clamp Width >100mm
Process Length >100mm
Bevel angle 0-80 degree adjustable
Single Bevel Width 10-20mm
Bevel Width 0-45mm
Work Stroke 2000mm
Customize Option As per customer’s bevel needs and plate specification
Worktable Height 800mm
Travel Space 4000*1700mm
Weight N.W 5600KGS G.W 5800KGS
Packaging Size 4000*1700*1700mm


Note: Standard Machine includes:

  • 1pc cutter head
  • 2 set of Inserts
  • Tools in case
  • Manual Operation
  1. Available for metal plate Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc
  2. Can process “V”,”Y”,“U”,”J”, Vertical and horizontal vary type of bevel joint
  3. Milling Type with High Previous can reach Ra 3.2-6.3 for surface
  4. Cold Cutting, energy saving and Low Noise, More safe and environmental
  5. Wide working range with Clamp thickness 6-60mm and bevel angel 0-90 degree adjustable
  6. Easy Operation and high efficiency
SMG 2M CNC Machine for Plate Beveling and Milling Demo Video

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 255 kg


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