SMG 70W Workshop Plate Edge Beveling Machine

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The SMG 70W Workshop Plate Edge Beveling Machine provides a high-efficient and precise performance for heavy, short and thick metal plates. It is has a wide range of clamp thickness from 8-80mm, a bevel angle of 10-75 degrees and is adjustable for easier use. Capital Machinery offers a wide variety of beveling machine engineered with the latest technology.

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$40,910.00 Excl. GST $45,001.00 Incl. GST


SMG 70W Workshop Plate Edge Beveling Machine features a table type construction specifically designed for heavy, short and thick metal plates for welding and beveling. It comes with a wide working range of clamp thickness of 8-80mm, bevel angle of 10-75 degree, it delovers a highly flexible and high efficiency performance.


Model No. SMG 70W
Power Supply AC 415V 50HZ
Total Power 4400W
Spindle Speed 1050r/min
Feed Speed 0-1500mm/min
Clamp Thickness 8-80mm
Clamp Width > 100mm
Process Hole Din > 2000 mm
Process Capacity R3, R2, C3, C2
Bevel Angle 10-75 degrees adjustable
Single Bevel Width 10-20mm
Bevel Width 0-70mm
Cutter Plate 80mm
Cutter QTY 6PCS
Worktable Height 850-1000mm
Travel Space 1050*550mm
Weight N.W 780KGS G.W 855KGS
Packaging Size 1000*1250*1750mm

Note: Standard Machine includes:

  • 1pc cutter head
  • 2 set of Inserts
  • Tools in case
  • Manual Operation


  1. Available for metal plate Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc
  2. Can process ”V”,”Y” vary type of bevel joint
  3. Milling Type with High Previous can reach Ra 3.2-6.3 for surface
  4. Cold Cutting, energy saving and Low Noise, More safe and environmental with OL protection
  5. Wide working range with Clamp thickness 8-80mm and bevel angel 10-75 degree adjustable
  6. Easy Operation and high efficiency
  7. Special design for Heavy duty metal plate

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 255 kg


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