SMG Orbi-Edge Auto Self Centering Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine

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SMG Orbi-Edge Auto Self Centering Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine is equipped with amazing features such as lightweight structure and aluminum body for durability. The machine is also well adapted for speed adjustments depending on working conditions. It is able to produce precise results without burrs. We are committed to providing you with top-quality products in terms of cutting and beveling machinery. Our products designed to deliver the results you are looking for.

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$6,104.00 Excl. GST $6,714.40 Incl. GST

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This SMG model is equipped with a Metabo motor. With its high strength and precision ring structure, it presents the perfect tool for cutting and beveling pipe, especially for batch cutting, beveling for thin wall thickness pipes. Like all products under the SMG line, this machine delivers stable performance, quiet operation and unmatched durability and comes with a perfect speed adjustment function.


Power Supply: 220-240v 1 ph 50-60 HZ

Model No. Working Range Thickness Speed Machine Weight
SMG-63OA φ14-63mm ≤12mm 30-120 r/min 13 KGS
SMG-114OA φ57-114mm ≤12mm 30-120 r/min 16 KGS
  1. Self-centering, no need adjust work of concentricity & perpendicularity
  2. Compact structure and good appearance, high strength aluminium body
  3. Adopt new synchronous feeding mechanism, feeding uniformity, tool bits have longer working life
  4. Easy setup, operation and maintenance
  5. Cutting & beveling finished at the same time, high working effective
  6. Cold working, no spark, won’t make the material affected
  7. Perfect working precision, no burrs
  8. Well-adapted, you can make the speed adjust depend on the working conditions.
SMG Small Diameter Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine Video

Self Centering Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine Video

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 255 kg


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