SMG OTC Orbital Tube Cutting Beveling Machine

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The SMG Orbital Tube Beveling and Tube Cutting Machine can perform simultaneous cutting and beveling operations with ease.
The machine design features an ergonomic, lightweight structure for more comfortable use and is suitable for restricted work areas.

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The SMG Orbital Tube Beveling and Cutting Machine is the best choice for stainless steel thin-walled tube cutting. This machine adopts the Metabo motor drive to ensure strong power. It is necessary equipment for pipe welding preparation.

ModelWorking RangeWall ThicknessRotating
ManualOD mmCS mmSS mmrpm
OTC-120Ф15~1201 – 120.5 – 480~120
OTC-170Ф30~1701 – 120.5 – 480~120
OTC-220Ф60~2251 – 120.5 – 480~120
OTC-320Ф140~3301 – 120.5 – 480~120
OTC-420Ф215~4201 – 120.5 – 480~120
OTC-520Ф315~5201 – 120.5 – 480~120
OTC-620Ф346~6301 – 120.5 – 480~120
OTC-720Ф486~7601 – 120.5 – 480~120

Saw blade drive motor:
Power Supply
  • Brand: Metabo
  • Electric Requirements: 220-230V, 50-60Hz, 1P
  • Power:1.3KW
  • Speed: 6-speed adjustable
  • Rapid installation of the blade
  • Cold cutting will not affect the pipe’s material
  • Vertical incision without deformation, burr-free end surface
  • Deformable clamping device, automatic centering, quick clamping of the pipe
  • Beveling saw option for pipe cutting and beveling
  • Best equipment for unique orbital cutting and thin-wall tube cutting
  • Stationary pipe cutting head rotation
  • Suitable for different pipe alloys and material such as Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys etc.
  • Saw blade compatible with AXXAIR, +GF+, DCS and other brand pipe cutting machine

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