SMG Rapid-Edge 8G Gear Type Plate Beveling Machine

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The SMG Rapid-Edge 8G Gear Type Plate Beveling Machine works with a wide range of plate specifications. Providing high-quality, efficient, safe and easy operation for weld preparation. SMG-6D Beveling Machine is an efficient portable cold cutting type of beveling machine designed for high production environments.

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$8,012.00 Excl. GST $8,813.20 Incl. GST

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SMG Rapid-Edge 8G Gear Type Plate Beveling Machine is kind of portable, handheld machine for plate edge and pipe end beveling. Clamp thickness in a range of 4 -16mm, bevel angle regularly 25 / 30 / 37.5 / 45 degrees as per Customer’s requirements. Cold cutting and beveling with high efficiency which can reach 1.2 – 2 min. per minute.

Model No. SMG Rapid-Edge 8G Gear Type plate Beveling Machine
Power Supply AC 415V 50HZ
Total Power 4800W
Motor Speed 1450r/min
Feed Speed 1.2-2metesr/min
Clamp Thickness 4-16mm
Clamp Width >55mm
Process Length >50mm
Bevel angle 25 / 30 /37.5 /45 degree as customer’s requirement
Single Bevel Width 6mm
Bevel Width 0 – 8mm
Cutter Plate φ 78mm
Cutter QTY 1 PC
Worktable Height 460mm
Travel Space 400*400mm
Weight N.W 33KGS G.W 55KGS
Weight with Car N.W 39KGS G.W 60KGS


Note: Standard Machine includes:

  • 3 pcs cutter
  • bevel angle adapter
  • Tools in case
  • Manual Operation
  1. Available for material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc
  2. Available for Both metal plate and pipes
  3. IE3 Standard motor at 400w
  4. Hight Efficiency can reach up to 1.2-2meter /min
  5. Imported gearbox for cold cutting and non-oxidation
  6. No Scrap Iron Splash, More safe
  7. Portable at low weight only 33kgs
SMG Rapid-Edge 8G Gear Type Plate Beveling Machine Demo Video

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 33 kg


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