WiseLaser RAWM1500 Robotic Arm Automatic Laser Welder/Welding Machine

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Introducing the WiseWeld RAWM1500 Robotic Arm Automatic Laser Welder/Welding Machine a cutting-edge marvel that harnesses the power of a high-energy-density laser beam as its heat source. This innovative machine masterfully targets and heats materials in a concentrated area, seamlessly melting them to craft a precise molten pool, resulting in the perfect welding effect you’ve always desired.

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Was $ 62,064 Excl. GST $ 68,270 Incl. GST Now Only $54,616.32 Excl. GST $60,077.95 Incl. GST


The WiseLasers RAWM1500 Robotic Arm Automatic Laser Welder/Welding Machine utilizes a high-energy-density laser beam as a heat source. It locally heats the material in a small area, melting it to form a specific molten pool, and achieves the desired welding effect.

Laser welding is commonly used for thin-walled materials and precision parts, offering various techniques such as spot welding, splicing welding, sealing welding, and lap welding. Laser welding boasts advantages such as minimal thermal deformation, smooth weld seams, high-quality results, and no need for secondary grinding. It finds wide applications in welding stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, copper, aluminum, and other materials.

The robotic arm’s laser welding system features a precise optical welding head, providing flexibility and ease of operation without requiring specialized welding skills. It is suitable for both small and large-scale production, widely used in industries such as sheet metal processing, kitchen utensils, cabinets, handrails, elevators, display shelves, doors and windows, advertising models, and stainless steel products.


  • Robotic Arm Laser Welding Machine – designed for profile splicing, with easy installation and flexible movement in X, Y, Z, A, R axes. Versatile and applicable in various fields.

Wiseweld Rawm1500 Robotic Arm Automatic Welder Welding Machine Diagram

  • Raycus Laser – 1500W Raycus laser comes with an extended two-year warranty. It features a fiber core diameter for higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, along with good beam quality and stable performance..

Wiseweld Rawm1500 Robotic Arm Automatic Welder Welding Machine 1500w Laser

  • Precision Welding Gun – with optical precision design and the ability to absorb fiber stray light, this device offers stronger energy. It allows for welding at any position and angle, ensuring more accurate results with infrared positioning.

Wiseweld Rawm1500 Robotic Arm Automatic Welder Welding Machine Precision Weldinggun

  • Water Chiller – intelligent control and LCD display of the compressor refrigeration system shows the temperature in real-time. It is simple to use, performs reliably, and is energy efficient.

Wiseweld Rawm1500 Robotic Arm Automatic Welder Welding Machine Water Chiller
Robotic arm laser welding product display

Wiseweld Rawm1500 Robotic Arm Automatic Welder Welding Machine Product Display

Environment Requirements:

  1. Layout: 1350mm × 600mm × 1300mm
  2. distilled water/ purified water 15L
  3. Voltage: 220V±10% (if the voltage is unstable, please use a voltage regulator)
  4. Operator
  5. Argon, nitrogen (purity 99.999%)

Control System:

  1. LCD, good interactive control system
  2. Preset various craft modes, to meet the needs of different processes
  3. Preset various security alarms, more secure and reliable
Configuration list
Serial Number Configuration Brand Specifications Quantity
1 Laser source Raycus 1500W 1 set
2 Optical fiber Raycus 10 m
3 Control System Customized 1 set
4 Welding gun Raytools/Gefast 1 set
5 Laser special chiller S&A 1 set
6 Special nozzle 8 pcs
7 Protective lens 10 pieces
8 Robotic arm Customized 1 set
Technical Parts
Serial number Technical indicators Technical Parameters
1 Device name Robotic arm laser welding machine
2 Device model WISELASERS-RAWM1500
3 Laser wavelength 1080nm ( +/- 10nm )
4 rated power ≥ 1500W
5 Beam quality (M2) 5-7 (50μm)
6 optical fiber 10 m
7 modulation frequency 20 KHz
8 energy stability <3%
9 beam output 1 beam
10 cooling medium distilled or purified water
11 continuous working time 24 hours
12 Power demand 220V±10%, 50Hz ,rated power

25 Kw , rated current 4 0A

13 Environmental requirements Temperature -10-45°C ,  Humidity 10%-


14 Welding materials stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum
15 signal output with robotics and automation

Communication Interface , digital or analog signal


Process comparison

Compare items traditional welding Laser welding
heat input to workpiece very high Low
Workpiece deformation , undercut big Small
Bonding strength with base metal generally very good
Subsequent processing polished no sanding required , or rarely sanded
welding speed generally argon arc welding more than 3 times
Applicable material Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, copper
Difficulty of operation complex Simple
operator safety unsafe Safety
Environmental impact Not environmentally friendly Environmental friendly
Weld tolerance good good
Wobble Welding none have
Spot width adjustable none have
weld scar obvious not obvious
Welding quality comparison generally very good
WiseWeld Robotic Arm Automatic Laser Welding Machine


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