ICARO CP38/45 Combined Rebar Cutter And Bender

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$16,827.30 Excl. GST $18,510.03 Incl. GST


For unmatched bending and cutting applications, the ICARO CP38/45 – Combined Rebar Cutter and Bender Machine presents a great addition to your workshop. Allowing the operator cut and bend rebar on the same machine in one location. Our Combined Rebar Cutter and Bending machines are guaranteed to produce quality results.

ICARO CP38/45 Combined Rebar Cutter And Bender Features

  • Manufactured in Italy using local European components
  • Bidirectional bending table for efficient bending in both directions.
  • Compact bar cutting station with adjustable bar support block and safety guard
  • User friendly design, fast and easy operation and control
  • Proprietary special purpose grease filled gearbox with laminated helical gearing
  • Multiple controller options available
  • All machines are bluetooth ready: allowing production diagnostics and equipment monitoring using the optional antenna module.
  • Compact design for workshops and onsite use
  • Safety guarded with interlock systems
  • Abides by CE standard European laws and global regulations ISO9001/2008
  • Replacement bending bushes and spare parts available in stock


Common Australian Bar Grades

  • Grade 250 – 250MPA = 25.5 Kg/mm2
  • Grade 300 – 300MPA = 30.6 Kg/mm2
  • Grade 500 – 500MPA = 51.0 Kg/mm2
MODELMotor Drive


Cutting & Bending CapacityWeight


Machine Dimensions


Bar Hardness


   Bar Hardness


1 x Ø2 x Ø3 x Ø1 x Ø2 x Ø3 x Ø
CP 24/281.85Cut 20 14 10 18 10 628068x72x83
Bend241612 22 14 10
CP 26/322.2Cut241812 2216 1034095x75x90
Bend 282218 26 20 16
CP 30/353Cut262016 22181445085x110x85
Bend 302418 2822 16
CP 38/454Cut30 241828  20 14650104x116x89
Bend 36282234  2622
CP 50/545.5Cut402818342615100090X105X83


All the tests were carried out using iron bars coming from all over the world. The iron bars used are all followed the  standards: DIN488, BS4449/2005, BS4449/97, ASTM/A706/A706M-00, ASTM (A615M-2000, UNE 36068, LNEC E450, NEN6008 (NL), NF A 35080-1, SD490 with different GRADE and toughness

Technical Specification

Weight Kg


Measurements cm

104 x 116 x 89

Motor (50 Hz) KW/HP

4/5, 5

Motor (60 Hz) KW/HP

4, 8/6, 5

RPM (50hz)


Grease KG


Working Disc ϴ



General Equipment



Foot pedal control

5 Step bending angle controller

Compact bar cutting station

5 Step Digital Angle programmable controller

Bluetooth ready module

Bluetooth antenna module

2 x Bending angle setting pins

Single phase supply 240vac Inverter

6 x Bending bushes & Pins

Extender Arm for large radius bending

Squaring arm & stop

Stirrup Bending Attachment with length stop

C.E Safety guard & limit switch

Spiralling  forming attachment

Digital display voltage Indicator (60V-500V)

Linear length stop

4 x Cabinet castor wheels

Tool kit with hex keys


Standard Equipment


Standard Equipment Pins & Bushes
Standard Equipment Pins & Bushes
Cabinet Base Wheel Set
Bar Cutting Station
Foot Pedal Control
Foot Pedal Control


BlueTooth ready module
BlueTooth ready module
Supply voltage indicator (60V-500V)
Supply voltage indicator (60V-500V)
C.E Front Protection
C.E Front Protection


Optional Equipment


Spiralling forming attachment
Spiralling forming attachment
Choice of optional controllers
Choice of optional controllers
Linear Length Stop
Linear Length Stop


Bluetooth Antenna Module
Bluetooth Antenna Module
Stirrup bending attachment
Stirrup bending attachment
Extender Arm for large radius bending
Extender Arm for large radius bending


Controller Options


ICARO Standard Controller
  • Set bending angles by changing the limit switch striker pin
  • Bi-directional table rotation selector
  • Reference return switch
    Supply voltage Indicator
OPTIONAL - 5 Preset Bending Angle Controller
  • Set bending angle by changing the limit switch striker pin
  • Record 5 sequential bending angles
  • Bi-directional table rotation selector
  • Reference return switch Supply voltage Indicator
OPTIONAL - Programmable Digital Angle Control System
  • Set bending angles using digital keypad
  • Record 5 sequential bending angle programs
  • Select quantity / bending piece counter
  • Angular correction + / – Degrees
  • Programmable Bi-directional table rotation
  • Reference return switch
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ALL ICARO BENDERS ARE DELIVERED BLUETOOTH-READY: simply purchase an antenna, which is extremely easy to install, and download a free software designed for both Apple and Android.

Icaro Smart Phone Fault Monitoring
BlueTooth ready module
Icaro Smart Phone Fault Monitoring


Each bender is fitted with our extremely innovative technology for Bluetooth diagnostics, that will let you check the conditions of your machine at every moment.

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