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Industrial Horizontal Band Saw Machine Maintenance Tip 9

In addition to the blade itself, other factors should be considered when selecting a band saw blade.

Equipment Condition and Type

As is always the case, keeping your equipment well-maintained and vibration-free will ensure accuracy and longer blade life. Blade wear patterns may be a sign that a wheel adjustment is needed or guides are worn and are causing problems.


It is important to choose the right coolant for your cutting applications. Choosing the proper coolant will help you improve the cut and also the life of your saw blades.

Operator Skill

Like with any job, knowing your equipment and understanding the operation and processes, as well as being able to troubleshoot or get service when equipment fails, are vital to the success of your company. Being properly trained and having the correct resources are also contributing factors to the success of your company.

Following are just a few skills necessary to ensure continued productivity:

•Ability to observe the cut to ensure the down feed is correct, especially if you’re using a manual feed system

•Ability to make different types of cuts when using a manual down feed band saw

•Ability to read the chips to determine if the blade and equipment are cutting properly

•Ability to identify equipment problems and get assistance or service

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