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Proper Care of Your Shear Blades Ensure a Long Life of Service


Proper Care of Your Shear Blades Ensure a Long Life of Service

If you have Shear Blades that you use often, you would do well to care for them properly. Especially if you are a professional whose business relies on them, you will want to maintain your shear blades in good working order.

Hairdressers, dog groomers, even tailors and seamstresses rely on nice sharp shear blades at all times. It makes a difference in the quality of their work. As a result, they either send out to or arrange regular visits from a professional knife or blade sharpener.

These professionals know how to properly sharpen all kinds of blades for maximum life and functionality. This includes shears with straight blades, as well as thinning shears, pinking shears and serrated blades. Each of these serves a specific purposes and the professional groomer, hairdresser or tailor knows how important proper sharpening is to the success of his or her business.

But there is more involved in caring for shears than just sharpening. They need to be oiled on a regular basis to keep the parts working properly. They need to be stored in a dry place that is padded to protect them from scratches as well as rusting.

Water is one of the worst enemies to your shears. Humidity also can cause damage and make them stick or, worse yet, to rust. This is why proper storage is so vitally important to the life of your shears.

Even non-professionals would do well to practice proper maintenance techniques. A good pair of scissors in an investment and an expensive one at that. Proper maintenance of all of our tools, including your shears, is sensible and cost effective. So, if you use shears on a regular basis, take care of them and they will serve you well for years to come.

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