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Reasons Why Lifting Magnets Are Attractive

Unlike the slings and chains, lifting magnets can save you time and protect the part. Just so you are aware of what they are, here are some basic information about these lifters.

Magnetic Lifter Advantages:

  1. Versatile to work with in handling devices that can be used to move certain ferrous metals that ranges from small bundles of rod, scraps and such to large heavy blocks. If they are used to replace slings and chains, the lifting magnets can help improve in the overall productivity by letting a person lift a load, which may require the help of multiple people if you compare them the old ways.The great trick here is to move the load safely and to be able to do that, the equipment should be properly specified.
  2. They offer benefits that are in connection to quality and labour. Why we say that is because magnets have the tendency to eliminate the need for drilling and tapping holes in certain parts so that eyebolts can be attached to move them. In most cases, these particular holes need to be filled and the surface needs some refinishing, which then add costs to the product.Another positive impact the magnetic lifts can bring is when it is involved with a create of parts that will require machining, often these parts are places in such a package like side-by-side and use all the areas in the package. So if there are only certain parts that need to be lifted, this is where the magnetic lifter are preferable.
  3. Magnets save time by eliminating blocking and slinging as well as reduce waste due to the fact that they won’t scrape metal surfaces. Therefore decreasing the potential for any product damage.

Now that we have identified the benefits of using magnetic lifters, let’s proceed to finding out the types of lifting magnets in the next article.

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