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The Rotary Draw Bender – RDB-125

Do you have a manual bender and you are looking to change it to a hydraulic unit so that you can increase your work productivity, or get more efficiency? Then the RDB-125 is just what the doctor prescribed! This particular hydraulic bender is created to work with all Baileigh Industrial “drop on” tool sets and is made of the best materials.

The RDB-125 works like the RDB-100, but it incorporates a hydraulic system to turn the ratchet plate and do the actual bending. This machine requires only 110 volts to power it. The pipe bender is using a powerful low pressure industrial grade hydraulics, which makes it quick, quiet and safe to use even when it is at full capacity.

The machine has the capacity of 2 ½” OD tubing, 2” OD Chomalloy, 2” square tubing and a 2” schedule 40 pipe. The RDB-125 has a max centre line of 8” – depending on the outside diameter of the material that is being bent.

The RDB-125 will bend to 200 degree which allows for a real 180 degree bends without having to repin the die set. It also only takes 4 complete pushed to reach the 180 degrees. The RDB-125 can retract its hydraulic cylinder without having to worry much about losing its place in the bend because it is utilising its built-in anti-spring back mechanism.

All you need is to retract and push again – that simple and easy! A quick release counter die and positioner is also included to make the loading and unloading of materials a breeze.

When it comes to costs, the RDB-125 is economical and is considered as the perfect bender for the fabricator that wants a powered bender on a budget.
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