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Bench-top Bandsaws

What are the Bench-top Bandsaws? They are the smallest of the power tools and can be mounted directly on a work table, a stand, cabinet or on your shop-made stand. These things are lightweight and with a wheel diameter of about 8” to 12”. However, they are not ideal for big projects. You can use them for small projects and in small workshops.

The main feature of this type of saw is that the motor is mounted directly to the unit – there is no belt system under the table. With its lightweight and small size, there are no exceptions like the 12” Jet and the 14” Shop Fox.

For several years, the bench-top saws were made with the three-wheel design, but these old models were phased out. The thing with the three-wheel saw, it offers the widest throat in the least amount of space, but the only drawback was its design such as:

–          Difficulty in aligning the wheels

–          Difficulty in tracking the blades

–          Premature “blade wear” as reported by some users.

Here is a list of Bench-top bandsaws:

  1. Craftsman BAS230 9-inch Band Saw
  2. Ryobi BS903 9-inch Band Saw
  3. Skil 3386 9-inch Band Saw
  4. Central Machinery 96980 9-inch Band Saw
  5. RIKON 10-305 10-inch Band Saw
  6. Craftsman 21400 10-inch Band Saw
  7. Proxxon MBS/E Band Saw
  8. JET JWBS-10OS 10-inch Band Saw

There is no ultimate bench-top bandsaw. These types of bench-top bandsaws have their own unique features and depending on the type of work you need for them. Also, some of you may decide not just based on the type of work to be used, but also the price.

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