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Benefits of Buying Named Brands

Generally, name brands are not always preferable compared to generic products when it comes to purchasing an item. Let’s say, you want to buy a generic acetaminophen in the pharmacy – the fact that it is as effective as its name brand counterpart, which is the Tylenol. In this case, the ingredients here are just the same and just as good for less money. However, this does not apply to power tools. Power tools as the name implies are powerful tools used by professionals and DIYers everywhere.

Say, if you think of some band saws with razor sharp blades that are spinning at faster speeds, do you think you want to trust a cheaply manufactured and inferior quality product? Maybe made in the middle of somewhere? Don’t think so!

Hardly or if anything at all, the no-name, generic power tool can pass through rigid quality control and exacting standards as that of the name brand products, which has a long history of superior quality and workmanship.

We all know that a bargain is a real bargain because you got a product that will perform what you need done at an affordable price compared to a name brand product. However, you’ll find out that a bargain is not really a bargain at all because in due time it costs you more than what you bargained for. Say, you buy a poorly made handsaw – since it is very cheap, and then along the way as you are working on the tool, you end up getting hurt or scrap the expensive materials because it got ruined from defective manufacturing. Calculating these things, don’t you think you lost more money already? It’s not really saving you anything at all.

It is highly recommended that you stick to name brand products that you know and trust to give you superior performance. So now that we have that tackled, let us know focus on some bandsaw comparison – the POWERTEC BS900 vs the Jet JWBS.

We have provided you a brief table summary of their stats on each of the saw.

Motor ½ HP Induction ½ HP Induction
Performance Not fit to use for big jobs Not fit to use for big jobs
Ease of Use Easy to use Easy to use
Warranty None 3 years warranty

As you can see on the table provided, these two bandsaws are almost the same except for their warranties. It is easier to do an informed buying decision when you look at its main features on each of these saws.

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