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GRIT – The brand for belt grinding from FEIN

Solving problems and developing solutions for metal working professionals – a core component of FEIN philosophies. For over 25 years GRIT has set the standard for quality belt grinding machinery. By taking over and investing in the GRIT brand FEIN has set the standards even higher. The comprehensive knowledge of these two leading manufacturers adds profit to your bottom line. GRIT by FEIN, not a one size fits all products. GRIT by FEIN belt grinders offer the ideal solution for each requirement – with our unique and exclusive modular system; powerful, basic belt grinders and mounted modules are designed and engineered for specific tasks within the entire application range – specialized machines for all applications in metal working trades and industries.

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Tough, flexible, cost-effective: GRIT GX

If you work on steel or stainless steel every day, then GRIT GX belt grinders are the right choice. Twenty-five years of experience and know-how have evolved into GRIT – evident by the highly flexible design and machine reliability; the GX Grinders have the ability to easily adapt to various materials and applications – from rough grinding to mirror polishing. The GRIT GX functions according to the building-block principle. The belt grinder is the foundation of the system. By simply adding modules, the spectrum of performance is highly enhanced. i.e. having the ability to notch pipe and tubing. The modular system is highly cost effective, saving both time and money. Grind efficiently and effectively with the GRIT GX system.

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