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The EDM Drillmate Manual

The EDMDrillMate product line is the most complete line of EDM Drills available from any supplier on the market. Our ongoing commitment to bring the latest advancements in technology to our products is the cornerstone of our success.

Currently in its third generation, the EDMDrillMate is a family of affordable EDM Drills designed to fit into any work environment, regardless of the size of your operation. The EDMDrillMate offers manually operated machines, NC and CNC models utilizing a variety of electrode lengths and diameters. Some models come in standard or offer optional auxiliary flush, submersible tank, auxiliary power supply, granite work table, custom tooling rail, and much more…

All EDMDrillMate models use ordinary tap water as dielectric. This coupled with a high pressure air system to provide for excellent flush and stability at the electrode during the burn makes the set up operation more user-friendly while keeping work free of oils or other contaminates.

Customer testimonials back up our claim, the EDMDrillMate will become the most versatile machine in your shop. You will soon agree, regardless of the model you choose, it is “designed to put holes in your work, not your wallet!”

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