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Industrial Horizontal Band Saw Machine Maintenance Tip 5

Here is our tip # 5 for the day: Knowing the properties of the blade. Why is this so? Well, the blade’s properties is chosen based on the type of cutting that is being performed. So the tougher the surface that needs to be cut, the stronger and tougher the blade to use and can withstand the impact or else it might go wrong or can cause an accident.

Handling blades needs to be done safely. Even as professionals, they need to properly handle and cut the materials properly. They make sure the blades they use are secure, locked tight, and the blades use are exactly the type they are used for.

The blade width, which is measured from the tips of the teeth to the back edge of the blade body, is an important factor. It is important that you use the widest blade your machine can put up, except when you are cutting on contours.

Tooth rake is the angle formed by the tooth face and a line that is perpendicular to the back of the blade. It needs to be chosen based on the material and shapes that will be cut. A positive rake angle can increase the incline or angle of the tooth face and is best-suited for thick solids and heavy-wall tubing.

Straight or less positive rakes are preferred for most structural and bundle cutting.

For the next tip, we’ll be talking about the heed tooth type. Stay tuned for more tips fro, Capital Machinery.

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