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Insider Tips On Buying Used Machinery

When looking for used machinery, we need follow some specific guidelines before buying one. One of the reasons why buying used machinery is because of the price compared to buying a new one and we can save a lot of money for other purposes. But if we are not careful, we can end up buying a defective one that will cost us more revenue in the process of your operation.

Hence, we’re giving you some advice when buying used machinery

Evaluate the price

Compare the brand new and used price of the machine and make sure to base it on your budgeted cost. Example if a machine will cost you 20% more than your budget and produces 20% more or even higher, you’ve got a great deal. Make sure to remember evaluate the extra cost of the machinery and the productivity value.

Inspect the Machine

Most sellers won’t sell you a defective machine but it’s a smart move to check; it is better to inspect the whole machinery first. If you are not that familiar with the machine, make sure to have an expert technician beside you. Make sure that this machine is tested first before the final purchase. Ask for photos or videos of the machine running.

Get the Manuals

It is important to ask if the manuals are available for used machinery; Parts, maintenance, electrical, ladder and programing. These manuals will help you in maintaining and making sure your machinery is doing well.

Machinery Broker

If you’re not sure with the machinery, it’s a choice to get a machinery broker to help you choose the right machine. Brokers usually has the right contacts and resources need to match you with the right seller. Also, a broker has sufficient knowledge about machinery and has technical experience in checking a machine’s value and capability.

Service Records and Inspections

Remember to get these records when buying used machinery. These records will tell you on how well the machine is maintained and the potential problems that may arise during operations.

Buy to a Reputable Machinery Supplier

Buying to a reputable machinery supplier is an advantage to your part. If they are selling used machinery, expect that they are knowledgeable and will give you all the information you need.

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