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Proper Care for Drilling Machines

The two types of drilling machine used by personnel with the industry of fabrication hand-feed or the power-feed and the other one is radial drill press or drill press. Using these kinds of tools to do your everyday fabrication or even maintenance can really be helpful but maintenance of these tools are essential for maximum efficiency.

Tips in maintaining your drills

1. Lubrication

It is essential to lubricate our drilling machines because moving parts from the drill generates heat and friction. Make sure to check the guide given by the manufacturer in terms of proper lubrication. Make sure to clean the drill after every usage to prevent dirt build up that causes the machine to slow down. Clean the T-slots, groves, belts and pulleys.

Also remember to remove the chips to avoid unnecessary damage to the drill. Put a light coat on the unpainted parts of the drill to prevent rust.

2. Belt and Vibration

Worn out or bent belt can be a source of a very annoying noise and vibration for the drilling machine. Remove the head of the drill and rotate the belt manually, if it has cracks or lumpy section better to replace it right away. If the belt looks normal, check if the tension is normal; if it is too loose or too tight.

3. Special Care

Heavy work load during operations requires extensive care for drilling machines. For example, you’re working on an environment where dust is literally present everywhere, make sure to operate at a slow pace to avoid abrasive wear on the parts. Under cold conditions, make sure to start on a slow speed to warm up the drill. Extreme heat can cause the motor to overheat, so try to on and off between operations to cool it down.

Safety Precautions:

  • Always wear an eye protection when using your drill.
  • Make sure that cutting tools are running smoothly before starting the operation
  • Never place tools or even equipment on the drill table
  • Keep your guard while operating
  • Adjusting the machine while using it can be dangerous, make sure to adjust it while the machine is not running.
  • Use a brush to clean away the chips

We know that drilling machines is one of the most dangerous equipment in workshops. During operations we must remember that safety comes first that’s why we’re giving you this tips to eliminate accidents and unnecessary loss of time.

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