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Making the Right Recommendation for Core Drills

One of the earmarks of quality includes an electronic protection for core drills run by an electric motor to protect it from being overloaded or overheated. There are several models equipped with Elgard, it indicates when an overloading takes place either through LED or pulsation – each depending on the model. This can prevent the motor to get damaged and increases the life of the product. Having an electronic protection can reduce the downtime and also getting any costly repairs.

There are products that have features such as a unique LED lighting system on its core drill machines – this does not only protects the drill, it also helps the user become better at handling the equipment. These LED lights would indicate whether the operation should go faster or slower for better performance. This protects the core drill and is a huge time-saver as well.

If the machine operates consistently and efficiently, then the job gets done easily with better results. This machine is ideal for those who typically use this tool on occasional basis and has less experience in using such equipment. Along with the LED lights, some of these core drill machines have leveling bubbles to ensure that there is a proper feed pressure and a straight drilling.

Another factor when it comes to quality is the drill stand. Check a stand that is rigid and strong as it can last longer provides more support and a more accurate drilling. The composition of these stands is mainly aluminum rather than a cast iron or steel because aluminum is lighter and easier to transport.

Alluminum-made stands can weigh at least about a third of what the steel stand weighs so that the user can get the job done swiftly and more efficient and with less physical exhaustion. Another thing with aluminum stands are very easy to transport and assemble.

Another nice feature with a good core drilling machine is the recycling vacuum as it can prevent you from creating a mess with water when doing some wet core drilling as well as preventing yourself from getting electrocuted. Still safety is the name of the game.

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