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Selecting Your High-Quality Core Drill


If you are looking for the perfect core drill to use for your work, it is best to know the type of work you need the drill for and the type of holes you want to drill into.

Core drills typically have electric motors, but there are those that are hydraulic or air-powered motors. Core drills can come as hand-held or rig-mounted – meaning the motor is secured to a stand with a gear mechanism allowing the operator to move it up and down. Choosing the right one for you would depend on the work to be done or where it is used for.

There are certain things to consider though and the number one is on safety. Electric drills usually have built-in GFCIs or there are drill machines that have mechanical slip clutches for operator safety.

For diamond core drills, they use water and electricity and we know how it is with water and electricity – a potentially dangerous combination! Make sure the item though that you buy passes the OSHA requirement – quality assurance check for safety of the user.

Hand-held core drill machines are also safe to use for making holes of up to 3 inches. For larger holes, use a core drill with a stand or rig. Ensure that there is enough power to drill properly especially when applying it to the toughest drill work.

Rig-mounted core drills are anchored to the floor before being used, which can be a time-consuming process especially when the job needs to have a lot of holes to be cut or drilled. In order to simplify this part, some manufacturers offer an optional vacuum base that helps mount the rig to the floor easily. Rigs set up this way tend to be faster, because there is no need to drill anchor holes that can drastically increase the efficiency of the job.

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