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Tips for Operating Using a Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

When you are in need to cut metal, then you need to get a metal cutting bandsaw for the job.  If you are using this type of saw, you need to be very careful  – even if they are helpful and worthy tools to use, it can be very dangerous.

To guide you, here are some helpful tips on how to operate these metal bandsaws properly and to help you prevent any injury and get the job done correctly.

Tip #1: Know What You Are Cutting

When you are using a metal cutting bandsaw, you need to also know the type of material that you are going to cut – note the thickness of the material and how hard or soft it is. Materials made of aluminum are cut differently from materials made of silver, steel or copper.

The metal’s density will help you determine that settings to use on the metal-cutting bandsaw. For aluminum metals, if you use a fast speed to cut the aluminum can cause it to splinter or break, which can send the pieces of metals flying, therefore causing serious injury to your workplace.  Make sure to read the manual that comes in the bandsaw when you purchase it or you can also search on the internet especially on the model that you have before doing any cutting.

Tip #2: Use the Vice Always

The vice is a safety device that comes with the metal cutting bandsaw. The purpose of it is to grip or hold the metal securely when cutting so you do not have to use your hand to hold it and get anywhere near the blade.  So whatever metal and whatever the density it has, always make sure to use the vice.

Tip #3: Cutting Speeds of Metals

It is important to be very careful when cutting metals with your bandsaw machine and to have the correct speed to match because if you use the wrong speed, it can cause warping, shredding or send shards of metal causing grave injuries. Again, check with the manual on the correct speeds for certain metals and also for the right type of model bandsaw.

Tip #4: Keeping it Cool

One of the common problems that you will encounter when using a metal cutting bandsaw is having the metal warp and bandsaw blades break. Such problems arise due to heat and friction, but it also depends on the metal that you are cutting. When cutting the metal, it is important to keep the metal and the blade cool while cutting. This simple procedure will help cool down in cutting the blade and the metal and also reduce any friction.

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